Course overview

Course description

The Supportive Leadership and Management Behaviour course will help you understand what leader/manager behaviours are important for the prevention and reduction of stress in those being managed, which of these behaviours are already part of your management approach and which you will need to develop.

Course objectives

- Increase awareness and importance of everyday management behaviour - To reflect on your own manager behaviour - To develop a plan to action supportive behaviour in your own work situation - To introduce you to the SBT system


Zeal Solutions, NHS Employers

Course details

What will I learn?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to: -Demonstrate an awareness of the impact of a wider variety of everyday manager behaviour on employee well-being -Demonstrate how their own approach to particular problems can be informed by a better understanding of the importance of supportive manager behaviour -Consider some of the organisational issues that might impact on the expression of supportive manager behaviour -Apply the material presented in additional scenarios and in their job role

What will I need?

All relevant materials will be provided.
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