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The importance of not only facilitating debrief sessions but also training individuals to facilitate them effectively should not be underestimated. The manner in which debrief sessions are facilitated can lead to the difference between participants feeling fearful, anxious and threatened or them feeling as though they contributed towards a positive, developmental and learning process. Debrief sessions which are facilitated in an effective manner are also important for shifting the focus away from blame and more towards learning and development as well as protecting staff from the potentially negative impact of traumatic or stressful incidents. Debriefing can be a useful way of establishing lessons learned and also helping to support staff and check their welfare after an incident at work. This training programme will enable debrief facilitators to develop the skills and behaviours that are conducive to effective debrief facilitation.

Course objectives

- Develop a greater understanding of what is meant by debriefing and the value which it has in the workplace. - Acknowledge the barriers to debriefing. - Explore the role of the facilitator during debriefing and how to implement best practice. - Explore the notion of an integrated organisational approach to debriefing. - Recognise any factors that may limit the effectiveness of debriefs and consider how to overcome them. - Explore how memory and psychological processes can affect the quality of information that is gathered during a debrief and the role of the facilitator in managing this.


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What will I learn?

By the end of the course you will: - Feel confident in facilitating debrief sessions effectively. - Be able to utilise the practical tips and tools on facilitating and managing debriefs. - Know how to use language in a manner that is conducive to effective debriefing. - Acquire a repertoire of debrief questions that promote positive learning.

What will I need?

All relevant materials will be provided.
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