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Team based working is increasingly being used at all levels of an organisation; teams have the potential to gain competitive advantage and deliver optimal performance outcomes. However, just because we describe people as belonging to a team does not mean that the team functions effectively. Effective team work takes effort! This training course will enable leaders to better understand the nature of team working and why it is important within the workplace. Recognise the stages of team development and the best strategies for management. Understand the inputs, processes and outputs associated with successful teams. Learn how to build team identity and cohesion through trust as well as explore the dark side of teams and where action can be taken to improve dysfunctional behaviours.

Course objectives

-To demonstrate what is meant by a ‘team’ and recognise the role that we play in creating effective teams -To explore the importance of the team’s culture and aligning individual and organisational values -To explore the inputs and processes that can promote healthy, functional teams. -To explore some of the challenges of working in teams and the role of the leader in helping to overcome this. -To apply our knowledge of teams to common team scenarios


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Course details

What will I learn?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to: -Identify your own role in promoting effective team working. -Understand the importance of aligning individual, team and organisational values. -Recognise the various inputs, processes and outputs that contribute to effective team working -Understand the role of the leader in promoting effective and healthy teams. - Apply your knowledge and understanding to your own team.

What will I need?

All relevant materials will be provided.
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