Evaluating the impact and effectiveness of the Supportive Leadership and Management Behaviour training was an important part of the project.

The evaluation evidence demonstrates that, when assessed statistically, there is a real and statistically significant effect of the training on leader/manager perceptions of their ability to deal with a wide range of situations. Essentially, the results demonstrate that the training is significantly increasing the level of capability that managers believe they have to deal with the various situations that they face in both a supportive and effective manner.

A key aspect of this training is also to help managers/leaders become more aware of supportive and unsupportive behaviours as well as to develop a more informed understanding about the impact that certain behaviours can have on employee health, well-being, motivation and performance. The evaluation evidence has been clear in demonstrating that at the end of the training, delegates perceive the positive behaviours as being significantly more supportive than they perceived them to be at the start of the training and they perceive the negative behaviours to be significantly more unsupportive than they did at the start of the training. These results offer a great deal of promise in that they demonstrate the approach to the training assists leaders/managers to appreciate, with greater understanding, both the positive and the negative impact of supportive and unsupportive behaviours.

Finally, the evaluation evidence also demonstrates that the delegates report the training to be enjoyable, relevant to their job role, realistic and that the leave the training feeling keel to apply the learning back to their workplace.

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