Working in partnership with the NHS employers, Zeal Solutions, owners of the SBT system, have developed and launched a new SBT training programme aimed at improving mental health across the NHS. This programme has been delivered as a train the trainer programme and has ensured 100 trainers from as many trusts trained in this high impact course.

The training course was developed following a research study across the NHS which helped to identify key challenges associated with creating a mentally healthy workplace. The outcomes of the research were used to inform the content of the training which is very interactive and is offered with lots of practical resources. The training covers:

  • What is mental health?
  • Creating a mentally healthy workplace
  • Holding a discussion about mental health
  • Managing your own mental health
  • Action planning

Trusts that have been trained are now starting to implement this training. An impact evaluation study is also being carried out to help demonstrate the value of this training both locally and nationally.

Evidence of the impact of the training will be publicised by the SBT team and NHS employers once the report is available.

The training programme is still available to NHS Trusts at a reduced rate. Please contact the SBT team to find out more information or to book a course within your Trust. 

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