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We all appreciate that mental health is a complex issue, and this training is not about looking at the clinical aspects of mental health. Instead, this training is used to consider how events can influence mental health either for better or worse and to consider what role leaders/managers play in this dynamic interaction. There is a twin focus to this training; 1) how leaders/managers can influence the mental health of those around them and 2) how leaders/managers can manage their own mental health. All courses come with various handouts, diagnostics and access to resources.

Course objectives

-To raise awareness of mental health -To explore what is meant by a mentally healthy workplace -To understand the impact of work on mental health -To explore and understand the importance of manager/leader behaviour for mental health -The use of the demands-resources model to understand and improve mental health at work and manage our own mental health -To plan action for improving mental health


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What will I learn?

By the end of the course you'll be able to: -Explain what is meant by mental health -Demonstrate an awareness of the impact of work on mental health -Discuss how to create a more mentally healthy workplace -Explain how supportive manager behaviour can influence mental health -Explain how the demands and resources model can be used to create a mentally healthy workplace -Know how to apply the material presented in your job/ role

What will I need?

All relevant materials will be provided.
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